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Live performances are also important
The source of the sound should also bow down with respect.
Don't lie back
If in doubt, do it
Apologize if you're wrong
Face the sound seriously and create words
what we are doing is
Betting your life on playing harmony
To crash the party
burn the soul
Inheriting and evolving the environment and culture
Strange is a compliment
This is our HIPHOP
Second consecutive release in December
[JRB] Feel the soul of REVERENCE J!!

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    *DAYBREAK 3 MC consisting of REVERENCE, J, HELL T Kanagawa Fujisawa Northernmost "CHOGO" Originating from DBRS [DAYBREAK RECORDS STUDIO] *REVERENCE Brain of DAYBREAK Supporting the foundation of the team with another face called "NAVYBLUE" who is responsible for Beat Making of all songs. Good at addictive key lines in the mid-hight range. *J Bass to treble use freely from RAP to melodious Flow. The swing width and abundance of techniques are characteristic. Engaged in many Hook productions to improve the completeness of the music. *Hell T Rhyming, Word choice Psychology and scene Lyric wearing a breath that he spit. Intriguing the journey of words. Storyteller that pierces the core of the core RAP.

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