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Men and women of all ages of the strangeness by which they gathered by a participatory type recording event of mau music first sponsorship is recording one song together with voice.
The journey giving the form to a song experiences itself, and the sense of togetherness born at the place and an uplift sense will be carved in sound. Various, I think and it builds into the good music which understands various feeling and various backgrounds and makes them think of Shonan in summer.

Vocals:SHiVA/Toru Nakamura/Satomi/Kotoko Kodama/Sumiko Matsumaru/Andy/Kiyo Matsumoto/Mika Matsubuchi/Azusa Sunada/Megumi Tokunaga/Yuki Nishiwaki/Yayoi Karasawa/Yuro Husegi/Monami Brown/Hikari Nakamura/Yuki/Harukawa/Yuki Nakano/Rie Tanaka/Takeshi Takanashi/Tetsuya kouda/Yosuke Morimoto/Shouhei Ueyama
Wataru Haniu/Ken-Choriso-Usami/Mitsunori Yokoyama/Tsunemitsu Abe/Hiroaki Nakauchi/Rieko Nakauchi/Masatoshi sano/Kyoko Sano/

*Arranged,Bass,Key,Mix&Mastering:Takahiro Hosoki
*Choir Conductor,chorus-arr. & Keyboard:Rie Tanaka
*Sound Produced by BULGE(Takahiro Hosoki & Rie Tanaka)
*Recorded at innig recording hostelry(Kanagawa,Japan)On 27th/August/2016
*Recorded by Yasutaka Hibi
*Assistant Engineer:Kazuma Nishimura
*innig recording hostelry Manager & Booking:Yoshinori Watanabe
*Promotion & Management:UTAKATA-Executive Committee
*Special Thanks:Kazuya Sato,Takeshima,Father and mother of Yuki Nishiwaki,GREENIZE
**Produced by mau music

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    "UTAKATA" was formed by the people of strangers gathered only in order to make original music. People young and old alike unspecified number will gather and unity is created through experience of Recording and Selling the music. Bass,Keyboard,Arrange,Mix & Mastering:Takahiro Hosoki Chorus:Rie Tanaka Sound Produced by BULGE(Takahiro Hosoki & Rie Tanaka)

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