Monday Cinema (Remix) [feat. Haru, Dan konopka]

  1. Monday Cinema (Remix) [feat. Haru, Dan konopka]

6/17 Release!
[Monday Cinema feat.Haru/Remix.Dan konopka,Monaka Hinata]
Band "DIALUCK" vocal hull released as a guest!
Remix>Dan konopka(OK Go)For details>
New total label OKOME'tic start!
Japanese and English versions and music videos are released monthly with
guest vocals for 5 consecutive months.
Featuring Artist>Haru(DIALUCK),Ai Onae(POLTA),Amai wana,Yuna,Marry.
Representative and composer, produce>Monaka Hinata/ Team>OKOME Sodou
The song, the MV, the jacket, all five works become one work, and it becomes a story of one woman.
>akira muracco /Sound engineer>Kensuke Anraku .The concept is Japanese rice and girly
We work on inclusive works in a unique way.
The first mission is 5 songs, Japanese English , REMIX release (12 to 14 titles are planned)and one season is completed.
The second mission will make a new attempt.

Monaka Hinata

After working as a band and a solo artist, started working as a composer, producer and truck maker in 2013. Works >> Juicy Fruits / SOLEIL / notall / CAWAFUL TORNADO / Shinmachi Nanairo Band / Windows 95 Man & Yuri Hirano Launched new project OKOME'tic from June 2019 and released 12 titles continuously. Music video design, produced by a team of artists and creators. Each time, all the works and connected stories with guest vocals from Japan and overseas. Guest> Guest vocals: Yuna, Haru(DIALUCK), Ai Onae (POLTA), Maryy, Wana Amai,Okome (LONDON) Natalia Natchan (USA) Liel Bar-Z (Israel), Remix by Dan konopka (OK Go), Chorus with Yui(BakuBakuDokin)

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