1. Apricot

Please don't go back to the person you like.If you go back,die of a hole in my lung. So please do me a favor.Don't go back to him. I'm sure we don't have enough time.



AOAZA is Vo/Gt Saepou Gt Ruminasu Ba Minchu Dr Kawamurataro They started the band in Kichijoji, Tokyo, 2018. AOAZA creates new unpredictable music, with an original approach by interweaving with an electronic conscious sound, heavy bass and mysterious riffs covered by sensitive vocals. All compositions and illustrations on the CD jackets and created by Saepou (Vo/Gt). AOAZA's says "Once you hear us you can't return". They insist to self-produce, not only music but as creators from every angle. In which leads to equally work hard on their music videos and designs. As a result, they were offered to feature their first hit "Protocol" in a TV series. They also won a contest to perform at a world-wide event hosted by Tune Core Japan. And on December 24, 2019 they won the Grand Prize to perform in Paris at the "-To the World- LIVE NATION x EGGS" audition. Live performances are important to them, but there is no limit to their creative talent.

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