For the future

  1. For the future

It's the first song for Libera that features full-length Japanese lyrics. A Japanese popular music producer Seiji Kameda wrote, composed and producing "ASHITAE -for the future". It is a Hymn to each person's life.

I remember when I first heard LIBERA's song. I could not hold back my tears listening to their pure and clear singing voice and thinking that their sound of singing might connect the world softly and tenderly.

Music can touch our heart and soul beyond borders and languages. In the world we live in today, hoping to help people feel something warm in their heart, I wrote a song "Tomorrow ~ For the Future" which LIBERA sings in Japanese. "We are not alone. We might be living apart, but we are all still connected to one another", such a message of the song may help to encourage people who struggle to live everyday lives.

In their home country in Great Britain, the boys have checked and learned the meaning of the lyrics and also have worked hard to practice Japanese pronunciation.
The completed work of "Tomorrow ~ For the Future" is the worldview of LIBERA themselves. Their song blesses our life like a hymn, and it also praises our future.
The interludes that you hear are in French, Italian, Polish and Spanish, and they sing the words "Tomorrow~ For the Future" in languages that reflect LIBERA members' countries. It is a magic of music that can instantly create the global relation and touch people's heart.
A beautiful song delivering love, courage, and kindness, LIBERA's "Tomorrow ~ For the Future" was born in autumn 2018. Moving towards 2020, with the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic Games to be held, I wish the song of LIBERA to become a bridge between Japan and the rest of the world.

Seiji Kameda


THE ULTIMATE REAL BOY BAND! Libera were formed in 2000 and they have never broken up and they haven't gotten day older. They have outlasted the very luminaries that they have performed for and to Queens, Popes and Presidents. East to West. They have conquered America and Russia, Europe and Asia, classical and pop, hearts and minds. They have performed in cathedrals, arenas and stadiums. They have featured alongside the diverse likes of Miley! Cyrus,! Meat! Loaf! and, most recently, on the much lauded Destiny game soundtrack with Sir!Paul!McCartney.With a sound described as both ancient and modern they are by far the UK's biggest real boy band......

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