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In Your Love

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[In Your Love]

Happiness in finding your soul.

Without you at my side, you are still in my heart.

In the darkest of hours and in the saddest of times, your light helps me find my way.

A song of thanks to the one in my life.

Artist Profile

  • Ranka

    Ranka is a singer-songwriter with a beautiful, transparent voice, merging lyrics expressing Japanese literature and spirit, with J-POP and popular songs. She is also known as an artist with an oriental perspective, incorporating traditional Japanese and folk instruments into her sound. Her 1st album "Tokyo Love Letter" was awarded Music Project of the Year at the 58th Japan Record Awards. She released her 2nd album "When A Woman Loses Love" in 2018.Another single "Negaiuta/Ai Wo Tagayasu Hito" was released in 2020. As a lyricist and composer, she also provides works to artists of various genres.

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