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DJ DISK remixes "Love Me Up (Prod. Chaki Zulu)," a popular song by the one and only hip-hop icon and YENTOWN rapper Awich, with a danceable and euphoric house arrangement. The release is from De-void*, a party collective/label hosted by rapper kZm, who also belongs to YENTOWN.

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Love Me Up

iTunes Store • Hip-Hop/Rap TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 50 • 6 Apr 2023

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Love Me Up

Spotify • FNMNL • 6 Apr 2023 Spotify • The Pulse of J-Rap • 8 Apr 2023 Apple Music • New in Hip-Hop • 7 Apr 2023 Spotify • mint Japan • 8 Apr 2023 Spotify • Monday Spin • 10 Apr 2023 Spotify • エレクトロポリス • 5 Apr 2023

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    Music producer and DJ born in Okayama, Japan in 1991. Has a unique perspective that combines the influences of contemporary dance music such as hip-hop, techno/house, and reggae with the groove and mindset of disco, funk, and soul, and deep knowledge of various street cultures other than music is utilized in his production work and DJing trips in Japan and abroad. He has been working as a producer for Lava La Rue. As a producer, he has provided music for Lava La Rue, Daichi Yamamoto, Miyachi, kZm, JNKMN, and others, and has also directed music for videos for WTAPS, UNIQLO, adidas, Reebok, Fendi, SOPHNET. and CASIO, as well as supervising music for collaborations with designer VERDY. In 2021, he will move on from tokyovitamin, the base of his activities, to found Creatures Records, an organization he presides over, and continues to search for a new form of art platform.

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