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A model and brand producer, P-SAMA, known as Shiina Hikari, is a maverick in the Japanese idol community who started using death growls and shouts. She has always been at the forefront of the industry. RIE, also known as Fujishiro Rie, debuted as a member of the song performance group AIKATSU-STARS! for "Aikatsu!" and "Aikatsu Stars!". She has sung numerous anime theme songs and is also active as a model and lyricist. RyO, also known a Yamabuki Ryo, is the guitarist of the currently on-hiatus girls' band Elfriede and is also active as a cosplayer and model. MRKM is active in the Tokyo girls' band scene mainly as a support bassist but also as a tattoo artist. Drummer YanoMe is known for supporting various bands in the Tokyo girls' band scene and also has a profile as a graphic designer and illustrator. Together, these five form the buzzworthy band "KILLT MELT LAND". Their debut live in October 2023 sold out instantly!

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iTunes Store • Rock TOP SONGS • Spain • TOP 6 • 23 May 2024

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    P-SAMA Vocal RIE Vocal RyO Guitar MRKM Bass YanoMe Drums P-SAMA aka Shiina Hikari is a pioneer in Japanese Idol industry for using shout & growl's for her vocal technique. Beside her artist activities , she models and produces fashion brand for she own. RIE aka Rie Fujishiro is the lead singer of the TV animation"Aikatsu"and"Aikatsu All Stars"she has joined many animation theme songs, beside her vocal activities , she is a model and a song writer. RyO aka Ryo Yamabuki is the guitarist of the group. She is also the guitarist of the group "elfriede"and she is also known well by her modeling. MRKM is the bassist of the band. She has worked with many bands in the Tokyo music scene and she is also well known as a tattoo artist. YanoMe is the drummer of the band. She also has worked with a lot of bands in the Tokyo music scene. She is also known for her graphic designs as well. From the 5 members are "KILLT MELT BAND" First debut show held in Tokyo has sold out.

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