1. Fine

"Smiling music"

I'm a Producer and Songwriter
Named after Emo/Energy/Emoji.
The theme of "Smiling music" has nothing to do with who I am as someone said.
I love writing songs inspired from my travels around the globe and I hope my songs will be loved by people all over the world so that I can make friends with them(YOU!)

The first original track 'Fine' is released on April 19th.
This "Smiling music" plays summer vibes.
Just started.Thank you for your support.


EMO9Y Bio A producer and songwriter named after Emo,Energy and Emoji on the theme of "Smile Music":) The debut song"Fine"out on April 19th 2019. On 12th Dec, dropping 2nd single featuring Corey Saxon, the guest vocalist of "Sparks", one of the biggest hit songs of Steerner called Next Avicii which has been played about 3 million times on YouTube.

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