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We, the Super Climbing Club, are thrilled to present our latest song, "There's Also a Super Public Bath," a reinterpretation of the solo song "There's a Public Bath" by our vocalist and guitarist, Yu Ishihama, through our unique sensibilities. In arranging this song, we incorporated techniques from reggae and dub, successfully enveloping the entire track with a warm and nostalgically humid sensation. It's as if we wanted to express through music the comforting warmth and enveloping sense of security one feels in the steam-filled ambiance of a public bath.

"There's Also a Super Public Bath" represents a new challenge for us, the Super Climbing Club. By retaining the beauty of the original song "There's a Public Bath" while adding our own colors and reconstructing it, we aimed to create a piece that resonates deeply with the listener's heart. Through this song, we hope to provide an opportunity for everyone to reflect on the small joys and warmth felt in their daily lives. There would be no greater joy for us if our music could accompany you, shining a warm light into your heart. Please, listen to "There's Also a Super Public Bath" and spend a heartwarming moment together with us.

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