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  1. Rise Again
  2. Insanity
  3. Beyond the Horizon
  4. Hand in Hand to Hell
  5. Obey
  6. Between Heaven and Earth
  7. Emptiness
  8. Hate
  9. Breaking the Chains
  10. Solitude
  11. The End of the World

Geist of Trinity
The melodic death metal band was formed in Sapporo in 2008, and consists of members gathered by guitarist, Akihito.
They started regularly booking live shows in Sapporo, and in 2010 they independently produced their first EP, "Demo."
In March of 2012, the band finished recording their 11-song first album, "Geist of Trinity," all of which is available for free streaming.
In July of 2014, they released the new song, "Chains."
In 2015, they re-recorded the long since out-of-print EP, "Demo," and released it as the "Revelation" EP.
They released their second album, "Chains," on January 13th, 2016.
In February 2017 the first album 'Geist of Trinity' was re-recorded and released.

Geist of Trinity


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Geist of Trinity