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our smiling days

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This ukulele pop album by YURI and KANA, who met through the ukulele.
Each and every song included in this second album perfectly expresses the maximum charm of the two of them.
The lead song ``Don't Say Goodbye'' is about being able to spend eternity with the person you love.
This song reminds me of that feeling of excitement.
``Gimi Gimi Lychee'' contains the message that It's important to take a step forward and take on challenges without being bound by appearances or images!
The song ``A song that remembers today's events'' ends with lyrics about looking back on the day and remembering the wonderful days.
This is an album that colors your daily life. Bright and fun melodies and lyrics will lead you to a world of music that touches your heart.
Please enjoy a completely new pop song that mixes the pleasant tones of pop and ukulele, rather than the concept that ukulele = Hawaiian.
HONEY on BERRY's activities include working as a radio personality and conveying the wonders of music with the ukulele.

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    HONEY on BERRY (commonly known as HANIBERI) Produced by Jiro Kawakami, KUSUKUSU vocalist and principal of Shinjuku Vocal School Mature idols that deliver a sweet and sad pop tune with ukuleles September 2019 Co-starred with KUSUKUSU Jiro Kawakami in charge of MC at Yaon He Came On held at Hibiya Outdoor Grand Music Hall November 2019 Started being in charge of a band program Ukulele Doki of HONEY on BERRY as a radio personality at Komae City Community FM (Komaraji) on Tuesdays from 16 o'clock to 18 o'clock November 2020 Participated in UkuleleCovers2020 2021 Released the first mini album HONEY on BERRY September 2022 Debuted on Secret Base Twitcast Premiere September 2023 Released the second album our smiling days

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