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This project by ATSUSHI, who has built up his career as a professional dancer, "Yes-Hairy".
The producer is KUNI NISHIZAWA from Blue Print, an dance entertainment group that ATSUSHI also belongs to, and ITSUKA from has joined as a co-producer. The debut song is a dance tune with a refreshing track by New K and lyrics written and music made by YES-HAIRY himself.
His own long-awaited debut song,YES!

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    プロダンサーとしてキャリアを積んできたATSUSHIによる音楽プロジェクト。 プロデューサーにATSUSHIも所属するダンスエンターテイメント集団Blue PrintからKUNI NISHIZAWA、共同音楽プロデューサーとしてCharisma.comのいつかが参加。 答えはYES!ないでしょそれ以外!

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