Sin of Children: re Front Cover


Henry and Viora lost themselves (feat. köttur) [2021 Remastered]

arai tasuku

You are father

You are brother and sister

You are master,for me

I could not,i couldn't hold on

Why do you not disturb reason?

Go over the forbidden line with me

And sleep in the bed of the cocoon

We betray God and know the love

Hug me tight between heaven and hell


Give me your love

Give me all of your love

I can not hold on anymore

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    arai tasuku

Sin of Children: re Front Cover

Listen to Henry and Viora lost themselves (feat. köttur) [2021 Remastered] by arai tasuku

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The first album by arai tasuku has been remastered and reworked.
Anxiety is a memory, pain is hope, love is despair, happiness is ruin.
Let's take a solitary journey into a dream world that evokes nostalgic memories.

A story of children's dreams and memories, formed by a distorted combination of live and electronic sounds, strings and wind instruments, noise and melody.

Fantastic, crazy, melancholic, and dreamy.
It's artistic and beautiful, but also childish and innocent, wrapped in a land scape of flying sounds.
This is a monstrous work filled to the brim with an alien world that is both grand and closed, evoking nostalgic illusions and contradictions.

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Henry and Viora lost themselves

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  • arai tasuku

    arai tasuku (composer) Ever since I was a child, I had learned how to escape into my dreams. I have always wanted to meet the people I met in my dreams in reality. Knowing that this is an unattainable dream, I live in modern society every day. She struggled with the fact that it was an unattainable dream. His niche is to make music with the sounds that come back from his pillow. The stories he collects by hand with thread are like a patchwork of dreams. He is best known as an artist, but he is also a visual and sound designer, space director, and engineer. He yearns to be an eternal child. We cannot defy the flow of time, nor can we become wiser with it.

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