1. Mais
  2. elme
  3. 119
  4. GMT (feat. stei)
  5. He's Terry
  6. Black Stuff (feat. YUNG RIZLA)
  7. CHMH
  8. Cry Alone
  9. Childhood
  10. a Mirror in a White Box
  11. The Deep Red Lip
  12. elme (Kishiohno Remix) [feat. Kishiohno]
  13. elme (Leftfield edit)
  14. elme (EarthBound edit)

A masterpiece that antagonizes the impulsivity of youth and the optimism of reason.
An artist who combines his unique lyrical sense, melody that sticks to the brain, and ambience beat that expresses the spiritual world, creating his own world view that is not bound by genre. The sound source produced between the ages of 16 and 19 was released after a year of suspension of production, leaving the ruggedness of the time untouched.
The album includes stei (M4), which connects youth culture from hip hop to techno scene, Ryuho Kotoge (M6), who has a cult-like sound sense, and YUNG RIZLA, who is also active as Wavy Velvet. Kishiohno, who plays left-field and industrial deconstruction music under the name of Barrell, and also plays DJ, participates in Remix (M12).
A debut work that will greatly affect the future Japanese scene.

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iTunes Store • ヒップホップ/ラップ トップアルバム • 日本 • 41位 • 2020年3月25日

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Spotify • AVYSS • 2020年3月31日

Shnayhon Yoso

独自性の高いリリックセンスと脳にこびりつくようなメロ ディー、精神世界を表現するアンビエンスなビートが融合 し、ジャンルという枠にとらわれない彼自身の世界観を作 り出すアーティスト。16歳から19歳までの間に制作され た音源が手を加えられることなく当時の荒々しさを残した まま約1年間の制作休止を経て遂にリリース。

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