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  • What at lazz

    A four-piece red-hot pop-rock band formed in Okinawa Prefecture in April 2018. With the dignified singing of Kyoka (Vo.), who can sing a wide range of songs from ballads to rock, and the band's inexhaustible band sound, they have been developing catchy and memorable songs in a variety of musical styles. Transparency" released on June 14, 2023, was selected as the Okinawa Cellular "2023 Summer Campaign CM Song" featuring Ryo Kituna, a karate gold medalist, and as an insert song in Okinawa TV's "Ryukyu Trauma Night Legend 2023". In December 2023, they held their own one-man live "Resonance" at Sakurazaka Central, and the tickets were sold out! They are now leading the new rock band scene in Okinawa. Kyouka's diet project" started in March 2023 has been a big hit on TikTok and Instagram! Within 3 months of its launch, it has received over 4 million views on social networking sites!

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