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The 4th series of releasing singles for 4 consecutive weeks in line with the album release on March 3, 2023.
Some days are fun days, some big days, some days you get excited when you meet someone, some days you feel depressed, depressed and exhausted.
Any day, always in that world you and I are there.
That's why I need you and I hope you need me too.
I made it because I thought it would be nice if we could color the world together like that!

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  • MiMi

    Singer-songwriter. It features a powerful singing voice full of vitality that is emitted from a small body of 144 cm. There are also songs with lyrics that increase in depth each time you listen to them, and a gap between a bright and humble character and a singing voice, and both men and women are increasing support. Embracing a dream in music, from Aichi to Tokyo. After moving to Tokyo, in addition to playing and singing solo mainly in Tokyo, she was also active as a Gt./Vo. in an all-girl band. The number of live performances exceeds 200 per year, and in 2019, a nationwide tour that took about 10 months was completed. He was also active in many other activities such as stage appearances, In January 2020, the activity was suddenly suspended due to the doctor's stop. In December 2020, while recuperating, live distribution started on the live communication app Pococha. In December 2022, "Pococha" won the first place in Japan. About three years later, he released the song "RESTART" written and composed, and declared the resumption of activities. From April 2023, he will return to activities after about three years. A singer who is attracting attention now, who is starting to move again from here. I have experienced setbacks many times, and each time I have overcome them with my own strength of will and tenacity. The existence that supported me at such times was also music. My dream is to increase the time someone smiles, to snuggle up to someone when they're sad, to give them a push when they're in doubt, to create and sing songs that will have an impact on someone like that. . To create songs that people will listen to for years to come, and to engrave them into the world along with my existence.

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