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Aska Sakata(Singer-Song Writer).

Currently based in Kumamoto, Aska Sakata is a passionate musician who plays the acoustic guitar and piano. His main focus is pop music using lyrics true to his heart singing with a soft and delicate voice. As a singer-songwriter, he sings the thoughts and feelings that touch anyone willing to listen to his music.
On March 20, 2020, his eight song album, "Arekashito" was released. It is sold at live venues and restaurants, including Shimamura Musical Instruments Aeon Mall Kumamoto and TSUTAYA Bookstore Kumamoto Sannenzaka. All the instruments used in this album are played by himself.

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  • Aska Sakata

    熊本県出身。  ピアノとギターを楽曲によって持ち替え、日常の中で生まれる“ハートフル“を繊細であたたかな歌声で表現するシンガーソングライター。  2020年3月20日に1stAlbum「あれかしと」、2022年3月20日に2ndAlbum「つまり、愛の認識」発売&配信。 ​ 熊本シティエフエム「坂田飛鳥の"さかぁすラジオっ!"」毎月第3水曜日放送。 福岡"ドラッグコーエイ"テーマ曲「Going!コーエイ」楽曲提供。

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