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  • 100BEERS

    100BEERS (Hundred Bears) 2008 Ryukodama (G.Vo), Tsudaya (Dr.) Shohei (B.Vo), and formed an extreme metal band based in Kobe. ) and DJ Daisuke joined the group, but Shohei left and became a four-member group.In 2015, the first self-produced album [DEMISE AND ENDS OF BEGINNING] was released from the independent label ZONZON RECORDS.The four-member group was active until 2016. Withdraws bassist and DJ In 2018, support bassist Masked Hose Jr. joins and resumes live performances as a trio In 2019 Masked Hose Jr. returns to somewhere country From 2021, Ryukodama and Tsudaya are working on an EP sound source that will be released in 2024

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