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Inspired by the vintage and soft sound of a classical guitar he found on his travels, ORANCHA's 5th full album will be released in the spring.
This is the second song "Reflection" from the album.
It is a gentle, sad, and melancholy "Lo-Fi Chill Beats" piece with the soft tones of gut guitar and the warm sound of kalimba, even the sound of fingers being played is recorded.
In addition, nature sounds are faintly recorded, creating a beautiful, soothing sound as if you were deep in the forest. It is a gentle piece of music that will be a part of many people's daily lives, not to mention those who live in the city.

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    Japanese musician The music is characterized by delicate and clean Chill Beats with Latin music from South America, Caribbean, Cuba, and more. His second album, "Mentatea," has gained a large international audience through streaming services such as Spotify, and has received more than 5 million plays. The total number of views is over 5 million. Among them, "KURUMI" has received 1.2 million views. Since then, he has produced and remixed music for artists in Japan and abroad, and has also worked on advertisements and terrestrial TV music.

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