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Elly Shuが10月25日にニューシングル"Hey mom"をリリースする。
SNSでの注目度は飛躍的な伸びを見せており、Tiktokでは楽曲の投稿を初めて3ヶ月でフォロワーを23倍に伸ばした驚異的な新鋭Elly Shu。
作詞・作曲・演奏・レコーディングまで自身1人でこなすElly Shuは、幼少期のコンプレックスから形成された人生観、死生観、人に向ける愛の形から、わずかな寂しさを覗かせた透明感のある歌声と、心の内を赤裸々に語るような暖かいサウンドが特徴だ。

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  • Elly Shu

    Born in 1997 in Ibaraki Prefecture, he was scouted by a local live performance house upon his completion of high school as the lead vocalist for Tokyo-based group SIGNAL CODE. He performed in this capacity from 2017-2019. After a fruitful stint, he pursued solo musicmaking designed as a meditation upon the depths of feeling within the heart, which are reflected and addressed through his music, influenced by gentle and ethereal forms such as cozybeats, lofimix, classical and jazz.

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