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Since the release of "It G Ma" with his ally KOHH, Loota became known for his work with European producers such as Brodinski, SebastiAn, Surkin, Sam Tiba, and "KUUGA" with Tohji. With his trilogy of "Sheep / Melting Ice", "Love Sick / Melting Ice (Remix)", "Barefoot / Holy" and his collaboration single with Brodinski, "Hokuto", he is now globally active and has released his new single "Satan".

In September 2021, Loota released "Ephemeral," which showed a fragile and pale side to his music, just as the title suggests, over a warm sound. In contrast, "Satan" showed us a different side of him on Brodinski & Modulaw produced track.

Opening with an unsettling intro, the track is an experiment in which a cold, violent bassline echoes with a delicate sequence, fully demonstrating Brodinski and Modulaw's rare sense of balance. In response to the sound, Loota raps with negative energy, as if being obsessed with something. Their talents resonated with each other, and the single became a unique music that only the three of them could express. Starting with this single, Loota has several new releases scheduled in the next few months.

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