1. GIRL

<Tie-up information>
From July 21th (Tuesday) to August 3th (Monday) from 23:00 to 04:59
On-air in "Mix femme with your voice" broadcast in the FamilyMart store

<"GIRL" song description>
The theme is "Adult love".
"GIRL" is a fluffy and unchanging piece.
It also accelerates the love that makes you want to chase, and expresses the pain and conflict of love.
A song with a playful feel that makes each story different depending on the listener.
A sweet and bitter war emo song on a relaxed and pop middle beat.

<Release history>
Crowdfunding for the first self-produced EP release of all songs after independence.
When we carried out with the title "Today de Saitama! We want to do a world release tour from local Saitama to the world! Challenge of TJ!"
EP release on September 20th and advance delivery release for 5 consecutive months from May 30th!
Appeared at "France Expo" held in France this June, as a guest singer at "Philippine EXPO" where about 150,000 Filipinos in Japan gather in Ueno Park in June of the same month. In August, he appeared as the only J-POP singer at the "Main Festival" held in Frankfurt, Germany, which offers two consecutive years.
In November, many live offers from Japan as well as overseas, such as the triumphal return live in the hometown of Philippines, which also appeared last year, are decided!
With the release of the EP, the first tour of the group jumped over the country and finally started in earnest for the "World Tour"! !
(*All live performances are postponed at this time, including overseas. We are currently considering the implementation time.)


Real name: Terijohn Hirotoshi Maeda Born:Manila,Philippines Parents: Japanese & Filipino Languages: Japanese,English Tagalog(Philippine Language) Chinese Since childhood, he adores Michael Jackson and started singing and dancing. At the age of 11,he appeared and brilliantly passed the "BS Nodo Jiman".At the age of 14, he won the Dancer Audition with "CM Citrus Carbonate MATCH(juice)" and appeared at the commercial and made a debut in the entertainment world. After that,he accumulated experience as back dancer of famous artists performing at 5 major dome tours. He went to China and worked as a member of the popular group "RTA"(Japan-China mixed group) that has regulars in Chinese terrestrial TV program. Twitter (China Qing QQ) TJ 's individual account followers number boasts 300,000 people. After performing entertainment activities in China,he returned home where the Dance vocal group 5IGNAL(Signal)was formed with members of top performers in Japan. With a high dance performance capability and a genius vocal work,he gathered attention as the only vocalist in the group. His ability has stopped at the eyes of major music companies,only six months after starting solo activities,in January this year, he made his major solo debut from Tokuma Japan Communications. Yusen debut ranking 8th. Yomiuri TV system "Himitsu no Kenmin Show" ending theme song. In addition,he appeared as a guest singer at the "Philippine Expo"held in Ueno Park for two consecutive years,2017 and 2018.It attracts about 150,000 Filipino residents in Japan. And in the summer of 2018,we decided to hold his first One Man Live (major solo concert)at Kichijoji Club Seata (capacity 650)! Can't keep an eye out for the future activities of the "Wahisei entertainer TJ". Don't miss it.

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