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Eco-song unit Nyantaboo
The song following the Restart 1st Single "Our Future SDGs" is "River Country Saitama", so we don't want to pollute the sea with river pollution! ! A song with such thoughts.

TV commercial song for "Umi to NIPPON Project in Saitama Prefecture".

The password is FOR THE BLUE! !

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  • Nyantaboo

    Profile Formed after singing the cover album of NHK's Okaasan to Issho, they are active as an eco-song unit Nyantaboo with the concept of a beautiful future for children. A local revitalization project that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike became a hot topic, and was appointed by the Governor of Saitama Prefecture as a Saitama Cheering Team, as well as Hasuda City Public Relations Ambassador, Hasuda Health Ambassador, and Nagano Prefecture Matsukawa Town Public Relations Ambassador. He is also serving as Hometown Ambassador of Mihara City, Hiroshima Prefecture. In 2015, he was also appointed as a special ambassador for Kenketsu in Sainokuni to improve the blood donation rate. Member Takuman Takuma Wada is active as a singer, and Morichii Keisuke Morita is active in various fields as an actor. From 2022, Nyanpurin will act as a mascot character for Nyantaboo.

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