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In This Beautiful Twilight World


The moment I lose my normal

Always comes suddenly

When the empty hours

Struck loneliness

The clock stopped ticking

My life in a world with you

Gone has no colors

But even knowing so

I tried to close my eyes

And caused you pain

Leaving love

An empty sky where

Our souls meet

The world I saw was

A gray landscape

When we lose the pain starts

The end is a brand new start

Even if the emptiness envelops

This dark and strange world

We must light this smoke signal

To start a brand new revolution

We're seeking a way

For s to stay alive

The world changes unfairly

Everyone is suffering

Between the ideal and reality

It’s like going against

An avalanche

It's like grasping

A hold of a cloud

Even if the world

Gets cursed by fate

We're forced to live the future

Broke the silence

Voice piercing through the sky

Dawn will surely come

Light the flames in the dark

Back and forth

To the past and future

The gray landscape

Slowly getting colored

Twilight World

Twilight World

Twilight World

Twilight World

Twilight World

Twilight World

Twilight World

Twilight World

The time has come

When we move forth to dawn

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Twilight World Front Cover

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    Introduction #1 - Twilight World


  • 2

    An Empty Sky Where Our Souls Meet


  • 3

    Lost In The Echo (feat. Vinny)


  • 4

    Hyper:ventilation (Alt Version)


  • 5

    Smoke Signal


  • 6

    Don't Look Away


  • 7

    Dream With You


  • 8

    Even If A Revolution Was To Happen


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    In This Beautiful Twilight World


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    Dawn (feat. MEG)


This is the first concept album created based on the recent world situation. Looking at a way of living in "a chaotic, cruel and sometimes beautiful world".

Starting with "An Empty Sky Where Our Souls Meet" and the story ending with "Dawn", the album fills the listener's world with vivid colors.

With songs featuring Falling Asleep frontman Vinny, Mildrage and POOL's frontwoman MEG, the album is mainly alternative rock but with aspects inspired by a wide range of different music sung with emotion particular to rock bands living in this era.

Where does the future we seek lead to?

We live in a twilight world.

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