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Suneohair was celebrate the 20th anniversary of their major debut in May 2022. Since he turned 51 that same May, he created a song to commemorate the 20th anniversary, using it as the theme for 5120. To commemorate the 100th live streaming live "Hello from Taira no Oyama" that started during the coronavirus pandemic, flat mountain records has decided to release the live streaming live! A song that traces the trajectory from the CD debut with a major record company until now.
(Taira no Oyama = Japanese mean is flat mountain)

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  • suneohair

    Suneohair (a.k.a. Kenji Watanabe) A singer-songwriter born in 1971 in Nagaoka, Niigata. 
Major record debut with a single "Ivory" followed by an album "Sune Style" (Epic/Sony) in 2002, and released 9 albums up to 2019. 
He has also participated as a songwriter/producer in the recording projects of popular musicians such as YUKI, Yui Aragaki, Maaya Sakamoto and many more. In addition, he has written music scores for feature films and TVCM.
Moreover, he has acted in the films including "Abraxas" (an official invitation to World Dramatic Competition of Sundance Film Festival 2011) in which he played a principal role.

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