noneostartus, Chris

Stick to the highway I'm looking at nowhere insde

Padal to the metal I'm breaking out all road rules

One in the night ride I hear the siren screaming

From the nightmare I escape from my dusty life

Roaring roaring going crazy

Growling growling climbing to hell

Crowling crowling growing stupid

Prowling prowling going nowhere

Take me higher it's more than a thill

Climb the ladders it's more than a hell

Breaking illusions all ways unclear

Greeting demons all life unsure

Step to the coffin I'm getting back to my infant

Out of the saddle I'm spinning out of my life

Don't care the speed gage flying out of corner

Believig nothing speed is my bad stupid kingdom dead

Chasing myself here's no one ahead of me

Hear they hail me crusifying who behind me

Fiction of affection slipping out of icy curve

Life is addiction steping out from stupid dusty life

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