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The first single "Hyakuiro Megane" by liberal (SANABAGUN.) and ynkmr. (BLU-SWING) was released on March 29th, and now they have announced the release of their second single "riyu" on June 28th (Wednesday). The song features liberal's moderately relaxed rap over an urban and mellow beat created by ynkmr. While the lyrics explore the feeling of disconnection, the song's haunting melody and atmospheric production as well as the nostalgic vibes of the female vocal creates a comfortable groove, which makes it a must-listen for fans of R&B/ Hip-Hop music.

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  • liberal

    Born on November 24, 1990. Born in Misawa, Aomori. After working as a navigator and an engineer, he couldn't give up his dream of becoming a hip-hop artist and moved to Tokyo by himself. In 2009, while working as a rapper and Toshiki in Tokyo, in 2013, he formed the Heisei-born hip-hop team SANABAGUN. In 2013, he formed the Heisei-born hip-hop team SANABAGUN. The band's live performances on the street became a hot topic, and they made their major label debut in 2015 with Victor Entertainment. As a lyricist and producer, he has written music for Yui Takemoto (Sakurazaka46), Hypnosis Mike, and the game app Monst Card Game. As a DJ, he has appeared at the GREENROOM FESTIVAL for three consecutive years. In the HIP-HOP scene in Japan, a.k.a. Liberal a.k.a. Toshiki Iwama is a rapper who freely moves back and forth between band sounds and tracks and attracts the most attention as a bridge between them. His motto is "Life is the best freestyle, do what you have to do and subvert your destiny. Toshiki style.

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  • ynkmr.

    YYusuke Nakamura is a composer, arranger, and a remixer. In 2008, he has made his major debut as a member of the new jazz live-band BLU-SWING from Nippon Columbia. His solo project ynkmr. is active in a variety of projects and productions, including tie-up projects with corporate brands and productions for artists and idols. He has been making music for various media including TV commercials such as for Square Enix "Mobius Final Fantasy", SUZUKI, TOYOTA, Shiseido, GINZA SIX, Choya, KDDI and etc. As a remixer and arranger, he has participated in works of iri, Kumi Koda, GACKT, SANABAGUN. and many others, transcending genres and presenting a wide range of works. In 2019, he started a music group called Last Electro, composed of musicians including Kan Sano, Ippei (SANABAGUN.) and Jun Uchino (Mime), who are active in the soul, R&B, and hip-hop scenes.

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