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The second album of the three-member unit "massugu".
With Mr. Iroha as the sound producer
Completely different from the previous work "go ripe",
It is a work that combines the sounds of the 2020s and 1990s.
I hope it will be a work that can be heard across generations.

Feelings for this work
"Don't blame the times for your dreams not coming true"

massugu is an unnamed unit that has all entered their 30s
Expectations are not high in the world.

But what we always keep in mind
To be told that it is impossible anyway
I want to keep changing as much as possible

Seeing our activities,
We want more people to think "I never give up trying my goals and dreams!"

At the same time, there is more than one way to make your dreams come true. We want to embody that.

If you don't give up, continue.

I want to continue to send the message through music.

Student programming intern "TECH-BASE"
Ending theme song

Artist Profile

  • massugu

    Formed in June 2017 A three-person unit consisting of sacco (Vocal) and Massa (Guitar) Kobaken (Piano). I want to make music that remains in a deep place. Mainly in Tokyo In the 3rd year of formation, 160 people were mobilized for an independent live performance. Another feature is that there are many fans who come to see live performances with their families.

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