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Synthesizer Gnosticism

CD HATA & Koyas

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From earth to space - CD HATA and KOYAS present their futuristic, new age of experimental music as a conceptual soundtrack of a journey that transcends time and space

While they play in improvisation, CD HATA and KOYAS have got some prepared storyboard behind the scenes. Although it is more like an abstract that is quickly scribbled down with pen and paper, it allows them to let their music have some story arc throughout their sets and this is exactly what this album captures.

This is an excerpt of their recorded live set played publicly in the venue called Debris at Daikanyama, located near Shibuya, known as one of Tokyo's main nightclub districts.

The concept of the storyboard is based on some gnostic myths starting from the birth of the main character traveling from the earth to space all the way to the climax where he fights against the evil lord.

According to them, the actual album can be divided into two parts. The first three tracks represents the journey through the earth includes the birth of a hero, traveling through the ocean, and the exit from the planet heading towards the outer space. And the latter three tracks illustrate a journey in space where he drifts along the cosmic then finally, he fights against the evil lord.

While they play numbers of hardware synthesizers in the set, they come up with something psychedelic along the way which could be located somewhere in between ambient and experimental for the genre wise. This session also features some visual work from Idealsolution as VJ team, enhancing some trippy vibes for this recording.

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Synthesizer Gnosticism

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    CD HATA is a musician, producer and DJ. Some of his works have been released by Beatport. Member of well known Japanese psychedelic jam band "Dachambo" and also leader of his solo project "CD HATA & MASARU","CD HATA×KOYAS"&"Polar Chalors" CD HATA exploded on to an unsuspecting Tokyo club scene with its unique mixture of Techno and massive doses of House and raw energy. Famous for his live shows at ClubAsia and Womb, also have performed well known festivals such as Fuji Rock Festival, Oregon Eclipse 2017, Burning Man, Woodford Folk Festival(Australia) and many more... CD HATA have been supporting well known artists in their Japanese tours such as Richie Hawtin, Jeff Mills, Darren Emerson, Louie Vega, Juno Reactor,etc. In his wake,he left many fans hungry for more and influenced scores of new DJs and artist throughout Japan. CD HATA continue touring around Japan and the world. In the meantime,kick up the volume,stand back and get ready for the full frontal assault known as...CD HATA!!

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  • Koyas

    Koyas is a Tokyo-based artist, producer and label founder. His label is focused on electronic live performing artists. After Koyas had teamed up with DJ Yogurt, he gained a large interest in music production.They have appeared in famous festivals like Fuji Rock Festival and released several albums with styles ranging from ambient to techno, and remixed Ken Ishii, Keiichi Sokabe Band, Kimyo Reitaro and more. He has started his label, psymatics in 2013. The next year he released an improvisation-based electronic session with CD HATA from Dachambo, a widely known Japanese band. In 2015, his label released a vinyl-only remix ep of UK legendary artist, The Irresistible Force. On the other side, Koyas contributes to write or translate about music production and instruments for magazines and web with his wide knowledge about electronic music production and engineering. Since 2014, he has been an Ableton Certified Trainer as one of first Japanese trainers. On 2015, he founded Ableton Meetup Tokyo, a Tokyo based Ableton user community, and holds meet-up events repeatedly. His team participated large conferences like Tokyo Dance Music Event and they organized Live 10 preview event at Contact Tokyo when Live 10 came out.

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