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"Ullamvana music streaming" is a digest version of the following five songs.

"Abare Gawa" "Ai no Iremono -Cycle of Love-""Tusks" "Norikakatta Fune" "Aoi Nawa"

Recorder x Rock Trio Band.

advanced to contest finals of YAMAHA,Emergenza.
participated in Akira Inoue's workshops since 2016.

advanced to Kiyohiko Semba and karugamoe's,Shibusa Shiraz and more.
Performed with Ponta Murakami on Pink Lady Mie support.

Ushirokara Maekawa/bass
made his debut as Pink Flamingo MG.
performed at FUJIROCK FESTIVAL'03.
written many instructional books, including a series for Bass Magazine.

In Japan, it is used as an educational instrument for a long time and sometimes treated as a toy.

That is a recorder.

In a good sense or a bad mean,the sound that is familiar to the Japanese, finally merged with Rock through the Baroque era,the Showa,Heisei and Reiwa era.

Rubbing the bass string, poking the drumhead, groping the recorder's hole, we will pant ROCK.

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