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A work by Gu-per, a duo unit consisting of guitar player Satoru Uchiyama and percussionist Kengo Ozaki. Satoru Uchiyama's original "INORI" Please listen to the diverse sound-making and beautiful sounds that you wouldn't expect from a guitar and percussion duo. Please enjoy the beautiful footage, including footage of the live performance held at Kyushu Christian Church. INORI means prayer in Japanese. Satoru

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  • Gu-per

    Gu-per Formed in 2022, As a unique DUO of JAZZ guitarist Satoru Uchiyama and drummer Kengo Ozaki, perform live and record with free ideas that are not bound by the framework of JAZZ. DUO pursues a unique sound and performance that expresses both tranquility and beauty, with an aggressive and intense playing style and breathtaking, even with a minimal formation of guitar and percussion.

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