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In 2021, the world is still in turmoil. An era in which various information is complicated and you cannot choose anything.
Because of such a world, it is important to recognize each other rather than fight.
It's beautiful because there are various people, and it's beautiful because there are various colors. I will send such a message in this song. Let's make a time when various colors bloom.

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My Name is Rainbow

Spotify • アイドルポップ:ジャパン • 20 Feb 2021

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  • sotsugyosei

    produced by Yoshimasa inoue who is HitMaker .especially AKB48'sSongs are very popular Than He Would help the people who wants ReStart singing or Dancing whatever . so "Sotsugyosei" of people who graduated from idols . Please see their future growth to become true artist

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