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FRACTAL music Tkj / Artwork 3 DESIGN / illustration erospanda / movie eno Released 2nd single under the name of neogradation from renewed neogradation music&art.
The neogradation 2nd single features several years of trackmaking by Tkj, who has worked as a drummer in a wide range of genres from alternative to hardcore to hip hop to city pop.
Sweet scent that lures you into dark fantasy.Episode with electro.A vagabond who seeks a distance. It's like a witch's journey.When stories cross the world line, a new door opens.
Illustration/erospanda's collaboration video with illustrations of the game NieR Automata will be released on YouTube.The jacket is also packaged in an Android-like finish.

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  • neogradation

    music&art product "neogradation" With music, you can see the glittering scenery you found in the overflowing ART.It will be reborn many times in the story someone drew and in the mental landscape of someone.This is our story. Music production/video production/video BGM production/manga/anime/game/photos/video

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