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Aozora Sorano New Single. To this summer song!

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Magic in Summer

Apple Music • J-Pop Top Songs • Belarus • TOP 43 • 1 Sep 2022 Apple Music • J-Pop Top Songs • Luxembourg • TOP 76 • 12 Dec 2022

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  • Aozora Sorano

    Nickname: Ao-nyan Pilot name: Aoña · S (Solano) Birth date: October 16, 1996 Hometown: Side 3 Blood type: Type A Personal color: sky blue Boarding aircraft: Zaku II Reform, Beagai III Hobbies: Home security, animation appreciation, Mobile Suit Gundam bonds of the battlefield, making a gun plaque, reading manga while eating sweets Favorite Food: Chocolate egg, crispy panda, pancake of strawberries, cake with chocolate plate and sugar confectionery, potato fly, cheese in hamburg Weak food: Kabura sushi, matcha, fish wrapped in kelp, coffee jelly, dark chocolate, strawberry (single) Favorite place: My room Favorite color: Sky blue, frosted white, pink "Main activities · Awards history" .Single Battle Idol (Solo Idol) ."Miss iD2016" Yatsui Ichiro Award(Special Recognition Award) ."Gundam Model Battle Project type Ties" finish second .SMA organized "Anistotelez Vol.5" finalist ."Weekly Playboy × TIF 2016 Natsu ichi! Audition" finalists .Takaoka City Tourism Ambassador Amitan Girl .nIo - Desotroy (Aozora.D)

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