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DJ OGANIK", a member of Kyushu-based HIP HOP producer team "ADD CREATIVE", has taken the lead and started producing music from Fukuoka!

Part 1 "KKGF feat. REIDAM x Fog
Part 2 "PITFALL feat. Rio Woodruff × LIL G
Part 3 "Skrrrt feat. Yvngboi P x FreekoyaBoiii x T-K TONY x Gerardparman
Part 4: "Dark Side feat. Maiji from Bege fastmanjin

The fifth installment, "S.I.V.A" featuring PEPE, still, 16, and LOX BLACK BACK from Fukuoka-based 8-piece crew "Deep Leaf," will be released on 3/8(Wed).

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