Hokori Takaki Hibi

  1. Kakegaeno Naihito
  2. Endless Love
  3. Koishiteru
  4. Itsukamata
  5. Ganbatta Kimie
  6. call me
  7. Kazewa Oikaze
  8. Your Song
  9. Hokori Takaki Hibi

An album of the February, 2020 release. Pop sound and a hot message increased a love song and became the deep album of the breast. Sound to remind of the late 70s and early 80s is very comfortable. Album title music is a masterpiece praising a person doing the best hard.

Daisuke Watanabe

It was born in 1970. I am active as a solo artist from 1998 and start. Own CD production, I produce CM musical piece mainly on a live activity and perform the activity to cross to the musical piece arrangement of other artists, a tour musician, many divergences including the music radio program personality.

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