Team Tomodachi (feat. SOCKS, ¥ellow Bucks, MaRI & DJ RYOW) [Tokai Remix] Front Cover

Team Tomodachi (feat. SOCKS, ¥ellow Bucks, MaRI & DJ RYOW) [Tokai Remix]

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Team Tomodachi

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Team Tomodachi

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Team Tomodachi

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  • Yuki Chiba

    Born April 22nd 1990 in Oji, Kita Ward, Tokyo. Fueled by raw, powerful lyrics that express the realism and often rough side of life, KOHH has an inimitable genre-defying style, which has gained him an immense and mainly young fan base both domestically and overseas. He released his first mix tape -YELLOW TAPE- in November 2012. In August 2013, he released his 2nd mix tape, simply called -YELLOW TAPE 2-. In February 2014, KOHH was the subject of VICE's first-ever feature on a Hip Hop artist from Japan. In July, KOHH released his 2nd album -MONOCHROME- before ever releasing his 1st album, which was already finished but as of yet unavailable. MONOCHROME peaked at No.6 in the iTunes album chart, and No.1 in the Hip Hop/Rap category.In October, he modeled for FACETASM, a fashion label created by Hiromichi Ochiai, at the Fashion Week in Tokyo. In January, he released his now long-anticipated 1st album -KUCHINASHI-. It reached No.1 in both the Hip Hop/Rap and overall album chart on iTunes.In the same month, he participated in the song -It G Ma (feat. Jay Allday, Loota, Okasian, KOHH)- by Korean artist Keith Ape. In June 2015, he released his 3rd mix tape YELLOW TAPE 3. On October 28th, he released his 3rd album DIRT. The album peaked at No.2 on the iTunes album chart, and No.1 on the Hip Hop/Rap chart.In December, tickets to his event DIRT CONCERT & GALLERY, held at LIQUIDROOM in Tokyo. In June 2016, he released his 4th album DIRT II. In June, he modeled for FACETASM again, this time at the Paris Collection, while also embarking on a European Tour.In July, he played the popular White Stage at FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL, despite it being his first time on the festival's lineup. In August, he guested on US R&B singer Frank Ocean's album.In September, he guested on Hikaru Utada's new album.In December, he held his first-ever Hall concert in his hometown of Oji, LIVE IN OJI. In the same month, he released his 4th mix tape YELLOW TAPE 4. In April 2017, he held shows around Japan, entitled LIVE 17 Powered by BM inc. In September 2018, he participated in the 18 North American dates of the 88 DEGREES & RISING TOUR organized by 88rising. He was the only artist on the tour not signed to 88rising.In November, he was featured on Mariah Carey's song Runway (produced by Skrillex), a Japanese-edition bonus track on her album Caution. On Feb 1st 2019, he released his 5th album Untitled. The album was released guerilla-style, without any prior information or promotion. The music video for I Want A Billion featuring Taka from ONE OK ROCK was displayed at Shibuya 109 as an MX4D attraction. On Jan 16th 2020, KOHH held a show at LINE CUBE SHIBUYA, entitled KOHH Live In Concert, comprising a DJ set, a live band set, and a 24-part string ensemble set. At the concert, he announced his departure from music after his next release. On April 29th 2020, he released what is thought to be his last album worst part of a box set entitled worst Complete Box. His Last Show was BADASSVIBES with THE CRO-MAGNONS who are legendary Rock band in TOKYO DOME CITY HALL on Dec 28th 2021. Once and for all, He retired and finished his role as a KOHH. 0n 2024, He changes his artist name from KOHH to YUKI CHIBA that is his real name and still making music.

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