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UTERO, a trackmaker/SSW based in Tokyo, Japan, has digitally released her second single "torico".

Last year, UTERO released her first EP "For you on sleepless nights" featuring Cwondo of No Buses and Parannoul from Korea. Since then, her songs have gained attention within the underground music scene. 2023 marks the start of UTERO's full-fledged (career/project) as an artist, and this is her second release this year.

Returning to her origins in dream pop and shoegaze, "torico" attempts to capture the feeling of sinking into an endless (ocean/body of water), creating an emotional roaring sound of transparency and fragility.

The recording was participated by Gt. Azusa Suga (AprilBlue), Ba. Yuki Muraoka (AprilBlue), Dr. Yuji Kobiki (WALTZMORE).

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Apple Music • J-Pop Top Songs • Romania • TOP 101 • 24 Mar 2024

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    UTERO is a Tokyo-based trackmaker/SSW who has been active since 2023. She has a unique background as a former nurse and idol. UTERO writes lyrics, composes, arranges, and produces all of her own music and videos. Her sound is characterized by a sense of clarity. Influences include alternative rock, shoegaze, dream pop, and ambient.

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