1. Kassha

スチームパンクの世界観を彷彿させるNu Electro Break


In her school days, she has discovered Dance music and got into it deep. In 2002, she started spinning and from that time onwards, she has shows her talent as a DJ immediately. She has experienced many DJ sessions with both domestic and foreign famous artists such as BIGBANG, LMFAO, KARA and even played for TLC,NICKI MINAJ when she performed in Osaka. She've just achieved to play DJ every prefectures in Japan. She produces music and shows her talent in many aspects. She holds a regular event "MY JAPANESE AFFAIR" in Singapore. Her DJ career is in success internationally, such as in Taiwan, Shanghai and Guam. Her DJ techniques are amazing and on top of that, she has also got a quite a looks. She hangs out from the major scene to the STREET scene. She is one of the top female DJs in Japan.

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