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The alternative band ""xiexie"" from Tokyo is about to appear on FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL'22/ROOKIE A GO GO stage."This summer, the first new single in about 10 months will be released!! xiexie, which focused on music fans and organizers who heard earlier than its formation in 2020, opened the door to xiexie's new phase with the help of new songs.
"This new single ""sea bird"" is a song that I would like you to listen to while imagining the moment a ship rowed out into the sea with anxiety and hope in mind."
The sea, the endless horizon, the mountains, the sky through.I'm going to go with"" sea bird "" this summer .

Produced , Arranged & Written by xiexie
Recorded & Mixed by Hyuga Kashiwai at Bigfish Sounds
Mastered by ZETTON at StudioLb12

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sea bird

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  • xiexie

    Koda (Vo/gt) ex. NY&BICYCLES , Hida (Dr) ex.all about paradise , Meari (Vo/gt) and Hiraki (Ba) formed in Tokyo in January 2020. A psychedelic alternative band with a chillout of modern nostalgia and novelty. xie xie's performing at events mainly in Tokyo.It hasn't been long since it was formed, but it has already attracted attention from domestic and foreign music lovers.

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