Gilles (Classics London Sessions)

  1. Gilles (Classics London Sessions)

20 songs, 20 weeks. Releasing new track every week for 20 weeks, titled "Rie fu classics Tokyo/London Sessions", recorded with musicians in two unique cities. The songs were selected and re-recorded from her previously-released albums, revived with new English lyrics for the international audience.

Rie fu

Rie fu (pronounced 'ree-ay' fu) Makes her debut in 2004, graduates Central St.Martins College of art and design in London in 2007, and UCL MSc Specialised Translation in 2018. With the unique lyrics mixing English/Japanese, soothing words and a sharp tongue, melodies inspired by 70's female singer songwriters such as Joni Mitchell and Carol King. Her mellifluous voice is deeply influenced by Karen Carpenter. As a painter and a linguist as well as a musician, her artwork could be seen on the record cover designs.

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