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ChibiChael, a producer, rapper and DJ from Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, will release his first album.
As the guest performance, XY GENE, the artist who he works as the exclusive live dj,
LA-born NY-raised singer / songwriter SheidA, S9UALL, who is known as the younger brother
of Ryuga Ishida (Yurufuwa gang) and also known as the member of the crew SOUTHCLOUD
which is gaining attention these days will join his album. Moreover, as a guitarist, Dino Jr is
also joining so this album is a amazing gathering of talent.
All songs are produced and mixed by ChibiChael him self. And each songs in this album
shows his roots and background.
Also, in December 7th which is his birthday and just before the release of his album, "TYO
City Night Life feat. sheidA & AJAH" will be pre-released.

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