our sophisticated thoughts (are not)

  1. Fadin'
  2. Invite
  3. NOOP

Since formed in 2018, MIRA has been exploring boarderless music expressions based on their influence from genres: Emo, Postrock and Instrumental Rock. For their latest EP "Our sophisticated thoughts (are not)", the band appointed Shinobu Watanabe (ASPARAGUS/Noshow) as the recording engineer as their consecutive production collaboration. In this record with 3 new original songns recorded, the band successfully expressed variations of music characters symbolizing their evolutions from the first EP "Lay down on the floor".


Inspired from various music backgrounds like Emo, Post-rock, Instrumental etc., MIRA explores freedom of expression without getting caught of genre boundaries. The 3 tracks compiled in the band's first single, recorded by Shinobu Watanabe (ASPARAGUS), fully engages the attractiveness of up-to-date state of MIRA.

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