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The solo first single person who played Vocal, Guitar, Bass, Drums, lyric, composition, all the arrangement alone.
The Christmas song that there is the sense that is bluesy with rhythm of the swing.

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  • Tsukasa Minami

    Tsukasa Minami Japanese music artist (Gender: Man) His genres are very wide, including rock, pop, blues, reggae, funk, J-folk and Japanese old popular song. He is a singer-songwriter who mainly produces songs with retro elements such as old Japanese songs, old rock, blues, and J-folk to a new sense. He is a multiplayer who plays guitar, bass, drums, percussion, etc. with vocals as the main axis. He first released his first solo recording in 2014 after having experienced many bands in various parts. He not only plays vocals and instruments, but also lyric writes, composes, and arranges alone. Song that he made has just nostalgic songs such as've heard like somewhere. However, songs like he made no other. His songs are not only nostalgic when he listens often, but they also always contain essence that has never existed before. Tsukasa Minami is such a music artist.

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