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Wonderfull Life

James Bong

Wonderfull Life… Wonderfull Life…

Mi say!Bon burn!活き活きと生き抜くで

Bon dance!チキチキ BOMB!

皆で Bon burn!日々に希望 お薬 1 日 22 錠(ダッー!!)

体の調子はどうでっか? 瞬く間になるで高齢者

内科、外科、耳鼻科に脳外科 本日...四度目の尿検査

(Watch this!) 酒好き負けずに正念場 ほらまだまだサラサラ脳血管

医者とも大いに大喧嘩 100 まで生き抜く挑戦者

悪玉菌ならコテンパン 若さ気持ちは少年だ

体にムチ入れ総決算 墓場の仲間よ forever

金無し暇なし 日々貧乏 だが忘れないねん義理人情...ラガ!

南風吹く一段と おもしろおかしく生きましょう

Wonderful Life MIC 持てば震える魂

Wonderful Life 今、自然と震える手足

Wonderful Life 明日へと繋ぐ橋渡し

Wonderful Life あの世へと繋ぐ箸渡し

Mi say!Bon burn!君も君も飲みまっせ

Bon dance!チキチキ BOMB!

皆で Bon burn!ギリギリ そう行かない!1!2!三途の川(ダッー!!)

夢にも出てきた許嫁 夢じゃなくて見える地縛霊

不安に駆られてる気紛れ 朝一、病院の診察券

(マジです!)あり得ない程の金額で 購入した「壺」気休め

噂は海超えジンバブエ なんて話を聞いた理髪店

大将やるねー!1 発芸 この発想こそ出発点

今日はとことん言うたるで 言い終わったら日が暮れる

この先でも勉強 死にたくないから返納 運転免許

人生日々謙虚 感謝する先祖 今まさに雨天決行

Wonderful Life MIC 持てば震える魂

Wonderful Life 今、自然と震える手足

Wonderful Life 明日へと繋ぐ橋渡し

Wonderful Life あの世へと繋ぐ箸渡し

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Wonderfull Life Front Cover

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    Wonderfull Life

    James Bong

Japan, the country of longevity! In recent years, one in four people is elderly, and there are many problems faced by the elderly. Health concerns, pension issues, bereavement of family and friends, etc. That man stood up to turn those negative feelings into positive ones!

I'm Bon Wakai, also known as James Bong! In the 1970s, he led the manzai boom as ``Wakai Bon Hayato'' and brought laughter to tearooms and theaters.Although he is currently 79 years old and in the late elderly, he is the oldest active reggae musician in Japan. be.

This work "Wonderfull Life" was created with the theme of "Invigorate the elderly! Give hope for tomorrow!" It is a masterpiece that combines humor and cheerful reggae music with the daily lives and thoughts that are common among the elderly. ing.

The lyrics were written by ``Gaki Ranger YOSHI'', who is also active in writing lyrics for ``Momoiro Clover Z'' and the anime ``Hypnosis Mic''. Composed by "SHINGO Nishinari", "R-Rated (Creepy Nuts)", "ZORN", etc.
"DJ FUKU", who is active in providing many songs, is in charge.

Also, the music video was produced by Johnny (BANANA FILM), and the music video was choreographed by Nanatsuki Morikawa, making it fun to watch! Easy to dance even for elderly people! If we dance together, we'll feel better! Reggae dance, which even elderly people can learn and dance to quickly, is a must-see!

My life will continue to be lively and fun with everyone...it's truly a "Wonderfull Life".

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Wonderfull Life

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  • James Bong

    Gags such as ``Shitsurei Shitoshita'' and harmonica tricks featuring protruding teeth became popular. As Wakai Bon Hayato, he won the ``3rd Kamigata Manzai Award Newcomer Award'' in 1968 and the ``12th Kamigata Manzai Award Encouragement Award'' in 1977. He will be competing with Yasushi Yokoyama and Kiyoshi Nishikawa. Belongs to Shochiku Entertainment from the time the duo was formed until its dissolution. The duo disbanded in 1985. At a time when the manzai boom had passed and there was a hole in my heart, my brother, who was living in New York A Jamaican version where only those who have caught the attention of local promoters through introduction and are selected as top-notch can perform. The great achievement of becoming the first Japanese to participate in the music festival Reggae Sunsplash also known as Kohaku Uta Gassen. achieve! Performed with "Kawachi Ondo" on the cheerful reggae sound of the Caribbean It became very popular with local Jamaicans, and they created a live performance that combined reggae and Kawachi Ondo. Under the name "Wakai Bon Hayato" in 1977, he released "Suttenten Bushi", and under the name "James Bong" in 1984, he released "Business is prosperous - Sasamotte Reggae Reggae Kawachi Teppo Bushi/Business is prosperous, Sasamotte DUB". In 2012, he released ``Kawachi Mondo: The World's Strongest Kawachi System'' and other works. The world-recognized performance would have a great influence on reggae music in Japan thereafter. And this time, he is back as James Bong As Japan's oldest reggae musician, he is a senior citizen artist who is looking forward to his future activities.

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