1. Sneha
  2. Lisa
  3. Jon Stewart
  4. Gustav Klimt
  5. This is charm
  6. Gandharva
  7. Die Early
  8. Aayurveda
  9. Atman
  10. After Hours 2
  11. T&t.
  12. Excuse

Produced by A.B.Perspectives
Mixed by Shoji Makino
Mastered by Shoji Makino


An electrounit mainly on Shoji Makino, Junya Masunari and Hirofumi Tokai. We appear to a club, Rave, a gallery from 1999. We offer music to a video work of KOG(King of Ground) which is the series of a flat competition of BMX of the biggest in Japan. We offer music to a compilation album of release than an MHP label and widen width of activity. "Glitched-out Trip music. With pounding bass beats and plenty of samples, a.b.perspectives will not dissapoint the fan of a rougher electronic feel. Mainly relying on instrumentals."

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