The Rock Garden

  1. Warm Ice
  2. Don't know why
  3. When A Man Loves A Woman
  4. Island Soul
  5. The Rock Garden
  6. Wave
  7. Moon river
  8. Ryukyu no Tamatebako

His 1st Album
This album of guitar music that aspired to the status of his art.
Such as 1M / Warm Ice,4M / Island Soul,5M / The Rock Garden and
8M / Tamatebako of Ryu-Kyu.

Aki Miyoshi

Aki Miyoshi was started guitar when e was 5 years old. Aki was active as a classical guitarist until 2002 in Japan. His recent music is considered to be ambient; his music is known to connect/calm/free the audience. His life is dedicated to music completely.  Aki is considered to be one of the leading figures in the finger-style guitar genre. Having released three highly acclaimed musical compilations (such as his debut album "The Rock Garden") as well as live performances in Korea, Singapore, Australia, USA, and the Poland. He is quickly becoming known all over the world.  In his home country Japan, he has appeared in numerous publications with full-length articles as well as countless appearances on the air. His musical transcriptions has been published by numerous trade magazines. During 2011, Aki won grand prize at the prestigious Japanese National Finger-style Guitar Competition, the most respected competition of its kind in Japan. 2016,Aki won Finalist and World Guitar Ranking 6th at the Guitar Masters 2016 Fingerstyle Category in Wrocaw,Poland. Aki's ground breaking album "Easy To Use" was recorded/released in 2014. This album made a milestone as a new step for Aki by utilizing Jazz standards and Brazilian Bossa Nova tunes in addition to his classical guitar style.  Awards: ⚫2003 Japan Guitar Competition / Judge special award ⚫2009 San-in region Guitar Competition Ensemble section /Grand prize ⚫2011 Finger-Style Guitar Competition (FPD)/ Grand prize ⚫2016 Guitar Masters International Competition Fingerstyle Category / Finalist , 1st place in Asia, World Ranking 6th

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