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Eri Hiramatsu












暮れない夜には 夜の太陽と進もう

信じたいこと 見つけられたら










信じたいこと ただそれだけが


  • Composer

    Eri Hiramatsu

  • Lyricist

    Eri Hiramatsu

Byakuya Front Cover

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    Eri Hiramatsu

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    Eri Hiramatsu

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    Eri Hiramatsu

Eri Hiramatsu, the second of the eight months consecutive delivery single release!
It is in a musical piece to let this musical piece to sing believes what in this time that is infoglut and should live or think saying "only what I want to believe is true of oneself".

Artist Profile

  • Eri Hiramatsu

    A birthplace: Kobe-shi, Hyogo On February 21, 1989, it is made the debut with a single "Seishun no Album" album "TREASURE". In 1992, single "room and Y shirt and I" become the million seller and win prizes for Japanese record award words. I still sing and am inherited as a wedding song of the Heisei. "Is which "I cannot but already laugh" Single is Best! 1993, a single "my serenade?" I release ", and a working woman and casual everyday psychological description get much sympathy. In addition, album "Single is Best" of the announcement becomes the million seller in the same year and wins federation of the 24th Japan songs award broadcast music producer Prize. A musical piece offer and the writing go to many artists as a writer, too. "Play the beauty, and, in 1995, capital ~ announces We love KOBE~ (words: Yu Aku/composition: Eri Hiramatsu) "We love KOBE campaign song as soon as let's do our best" as soon as let's do our best", is holding in Kanbe every year in live event "KOBE MEETING" hosted by Eri Hiramatsu than the same year commencing with the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake reconstruction aid on January 17. The reconstruction aid activity is accepted and performs a live as a representative from Japan by Japan, the sightseeing school festival in Vietnam in Vietnam in November, 2004 and is entrusted Ambassador Kambe in April, 2005. In 2008, I start live "SLOW ROOM" of the new form. The album which the music was recorded in in October in 2014 releases "La La, Smile". In 2015, I hold a concert tour of the 25th anniversary of the debut in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya. In the next year, I release the first live DVD. Mainly on new song production and "SLOW ROOM" live, is new; "CHEER UP! MORNING" starts in October in FM OH! and TOKYO FM as radio DJ while challenge it, and continue energizing. In 2019, Eri Hiramatsu who reached the 30th anniversary by a debut in 1989 hits in the sum first year to give it an order to start and writes a new "sequel" of large hit "room and Y shirt and me" of the Heisei. "~ is released a single person of the 30th anniversary of the debut August 28 by room and Y shirt and I ~ that". I establish YouTubeCH "Eri Hiramatsu Channel *SLOWROOM*" as a place gathering with a fan in May, 2020. In late years I deliver it energetically in Eri Hiramatsu official YouTube channel *SLOW ROOM*.

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