Instrumental Music to Rest and Activate Your Brain

  1. Meditation in The Universe
  2. Awaken Your Talent
  3. The Bell of Mindfulness
  4. Living at Your Own Pace
  5. Moving Forward with Anxiety
  6. Brain Waves Dance
  7. A Little Relaxing Time
  8. The Dreamer
  9. The Realist
  10. Facing Your Fears
  11. A Prayer for Healing
  12. Fine Day, Gloomy Day
  13. The Future You Chose
  14. Your Final Despair
  15. You can see everything clearly

Are you always depressed? Do you have a vague anxiety? In such a situation, you tend to be negative. Let's stop and have a rest. This album help you relax. Have a nice day!

United Parts of Myself

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